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Repurposed Objects Can Become Unique Flower Pots And Planter Boxes

Terra cotta pots, glazed and unglazed flower pots, and wooden flower boxes are tradtionally used in a garden to grow flowers and plants. However, unique and creative flower pots can be created from many other objects as long as they can hold soil and mulch for the roots of your plants and have plenty of drainage. Many recycled household and automotive objects can be repurposed to use as unique flower pots. Here are some other flower pot ideas that you can use in your garden:

  • Fallen Tree – A large tree that has fallen or was cut down can be a very attractive natural container for growing flowers, especially if it has a thick woody bark layer. Place the tree trunk in your yard and secure it at the base with a some large and small rocks so that it does not roll on the ground. With a power handsaw, cut a long slot out of the tree trunk equal to one-quarter of the circumference of the tree trunk and extending the full length of the tree. Saw and chisel out the interior wood from the tree trunk to create a deep container. Drill drainage holes into the tree trunk along the bottom of the slot. Place a layer of rocks in the slot for drainage. Fill the slot with potting soil and plant with herbs and flowers.
  • Plumbing Fixtures – Household plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, sinks, and toilets can be repurposed as conversation piece flower pots. Use a tile or masonry bit in your electric hand drill to create drainage holes in the bottom of shallow fixtures. Place a layer of rocks in the bottom and fill with potting soil and plants.  
  • Truck and Car Tires – Hang used tires on a fence or outdoor structure with shelf brackets. Drill drainage holes in the side wall of the tire closest to the ground. Line the tire with a layer of small rocks and potting soil. Plant your flower seeds or seedlings in the tires. This is particularly attractive with hanging flowers and vines.  
  • Barbcue Grill – A barbcue grill that is no longer being used can be repurposed as an interesting flower pot. Use a titanium and/or cobalt drill bit to create drainage holes in the bottom of the grill. Place a layer of rocks inside the grill and fill with potting soil and plants. One of the advantages of using a barbcue grill as a flower pot is that is it on wheels and can be moved around as desired. 
  • Bookshelf – A free-standing bookshelf can be used as a flower box with its back on the ground. Drill holes in the back of the bookshelf every 6 to 8 inches for drainage. Line the bookshelf flower box with small and large rocks to facilitate drainage. Fill the bookshelf with potting soil and flowering plants. 
  • Cattle Water Trough – A cattle water trough can be repurposed as an unusual flower box. If desired, you can paint the metal water trough with an oil-based primer and then gloss or semi-gloss acrylic paint for a finished look. Place a layer of rocks on the bottom and fill with potting soil. Plant flower seedlings in the trough flower planter.  

There are myriads of objects that can be repurposed to hold flowering plants. Before you throw or give anything away, take a good look at it to see if it might make a really fun and unique flower pot or planter box. With a little creative thinking and imagination, you can create a unique garden that will surprise and entertain all who see it.