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3 Beautiful Ways To Honor A Deceased Dog

Your dog is more than just an animal; he is a four-legged, furry member of your family, and a very important member of your family, at that. Sadly, however, as all things do, dogs do pass away.

The passing of your dog is certainly a tragic event for your family, but just because he is gone, it doesn’t mean he needs to be forgotten. There are plenty of ways that you can keep your dog’s memory alive. Here’s a look at some wonderfully unique ways to commemorate his life, memory and the huge impact that he had on you and your family.

A Beautiful Headstone

Mark your dog’s final resting place with a beautiful headstone. Whether you lay your dog to rest in your backyard, under his favorite tree or in a pet cemetery, a headstone is a wonderful way to honor his memory.

You can have an elaborate grave marker professionally made from materials like granite or marble and have it engraved with your dog’s name, dates of birth and death and even include graphic symbols of items that highlight his personality. You could also include a sweet epitaph to pay tribute to your dog. Talk to a company like Palmer Bros Granite Co for more help with this.

Alternatively, you can create your own grave marker. Using cement and colorful stones, you can craft a beautiful headstone yourself for your pet. You could also inscribe the grave marker by imprinting wording in the cement prior to it drying.

A Bronzed Belonging

Did your dog have a chew toy or a ball that he loved to play with? Were walks his favorite thing ever? Did he eat his meals with gusto? Consider having whatever material item reminds you the most of your dog bronzed. Once bronzed, the item will remain as-is for a lifetime. You could even have the bronzed item inscribed with his name or a sweet saying, or have it affixed to a plaque. Set the bronzed item out where you can admire it and celebrate beautiful memories of your dog.

A Tattoo

You will be able to carry your dog’s memory with you forever with a memorial tattoo. There are so many options to choose from for a memorial tattoo for your dog. For example, you could have a photo of your dog tattooed on your leg, an image of his paw print with his name tattooed under it or a tattoo of a paw print with a halo and angel wings.

Your dog is an amazingly important part of your life. Any of these suggestions would be a wonderfully beautiful and sweet way to celebrate him upon his passing.