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Three Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Books

Most people have favorite books that they want to keep for years, but books are delicate items. As a result, it is possible for them to sustain damage if they are improperly stored. Sadly, some people may not realize that they are making storage mistakes, but there are three tips that can help you avoid some of the most common causes of book damage. 

Invest In A Dehumidifier

Humidity is the mortal enemy of paper. In addition to causing ink to run, high moisture levels can cause the paper to start to degrade. Sadly, this is a threat that many book owners overlook, and this can cause these prized possessions to deteriorate after only a couple of years. Fortunately, a dehumidifier can be a great way of protecting your books from this common cause of damage. 

Use Book Jackets

The covers of your books are the part that are most likely to suffer substantial damage due to wear and tear. Yet, you can mitigate this damage by placing book jackets over the original covers. These jackets are usually made of a thin plastic, and you can opt for either clear or patterned covers for your books. 

However, it should be noted that these jackets will offer little protection to the interior of the book, and you will need to take special care when reading the book to prevent damage. For example, a book jacket will not protect your book from damaged binding due to being held incorrectly. 

Store The Book Horizontally On A Flat Surface

Some people may be under the impression that it is best to store books vertically, but this is not correct. When a book is vertical, it can put a lot of pressure on the adhesive that holds the paper to the binding. As a result, this pressure will gradually pull the pages away, and this will cause them to fall out of the book. 

To avoid this type of damage, you should always store your books horizontally. This will prevent the pressure from damaging the binding, and you may find this will extend the life of your books. 

Your books contain some of your favorite stories and necessary information. Yet, they are also relatively expensive items, and it is important to follow good storage guidelines to keep them from suffering needless wear and tear. By following these three tips, you may find that your books are kept in great condition for years to come. The same rules can apply to books that are bought in a used bookstore.

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